Saturday, May 28, 2016

Spring snow in Southern Utah

 Stopping at the visitor center on the top of Boulder Mountain. Really, Utah? Snow? You do know that it's almost June, right?? 

 Ahhh, finally over the mountain to the other (warmer, drier) side!

Overlooking the "Million Dollar Highway" on our way to Escalante, Utah. Next stop: Bryce Canyon


  1. nice pictures the bastards!!!
    if you have time take a look at our blog.
    max and josie.... from capitol reef

  2. Hello Simone and Luis, you are not blogging too much (:-) but when you do you have made a big leap from one place to another very far away. We have heard/read about the Utah snow from a another blogger. It's summer on Campobello now. No snow! Just sayin'......

  3. Hi Peter and Beatrix! Well, we're now in 106 degree heat, so we have swung the other way! We miss you terribly xxx

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  5. Wow,Amazing Utah love this place

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