Monday, May 16, 2011

Travel Photo of the Day: Wedding Guests, La Paz, Bolivia

Another winning photo of the day from Luis was published in Why Go at BootsnAll! Sometimes I get frustrated with his photography obsession (I swear the man takes 10,000 photos a day), but when we review his photos after our travel, I know it's worth it. He always manages to capture amazing sights, interesting people and flashes of culture and his photos always give one a good idea of the real nature of a place, not just the touristy side.

The woman in the center of this shot is wearing traditional Bolivian costume: a colorful handwoven shawl known as a manta, a softly pleated or tiered voluminous Spanish-influenced skirt called a pollera, and a bombin, a British-style bowler hat, first introduced to the region by British railway workers, worn at an angle that indicates a woman's marital status.

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