Saturday, April 23, 2011

Travel Photo of the Day: Easter Sunday in Central Park, New York, USA

To me, Central Park is one of most beautiful places on earth. Constantly changing with the seasons, it's a park where there's always something new to discover, a hidden bramble trail, a pond of sunning turtles, a row of dazzlingly-colored azalea bushes. The park is one of the miracles of modern landscaping and has something for everyone: broad playing fields perfect for baseball and Frisbee, formal gardens, bridle trails, forested walks, ponds, bridges and winding strolling paths. Although spectacularly beautiful throughout the year, in spring it is at its most breathtaking with many spots to enjoy the floral fireworks.  

I took this photo on Easter Sunday in April 2003 on a day when the park was filled with magnolia trees in full flower, bursts of narcissus and sunny yellow daffodils, cherry trees filled with delicate pink blossoms, brilliant forsythia bushes and fragrant lilacs. The weather was sunny and mild and New Yorkers and tourists were out in full force enjoying the day, roller-blading, cycling, picnicking or just strolling along the paths hand in hand, soaking in as much beauty as they could on this perfect spring day in the park.   

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