Monday, March 14, 2011

Travel Photo of the Day: Wooden Prayer Plaques at a Shinto Shrine, Kyoto, Japan

Our thoughts and wishes are with the Japanese people this week, in the hope that they find the courage to survive the tragedies that have befallen them and that they persevere to rebuild their beautiful country and their lives. This photo was taken at a Shinto shrine in the historic city of Kyoto in December 2003 and shows the Ema or wooden prayer plaques on which the Japanese write their prayers and wishes to have a healthy family, to succeed in education and their career, give birth to a healthy baby or to find love. If they are lucky, the Kami,which Shinto followers regard as the spirits or natural forces of their faith, will grant their wishes and answer their prayers. We sincerely hope that the Kami will be deeply generous and benevolent in this crucial time of need for Japan.

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