Sunday, February 20, 2011

Travel Photo of the Day: The Undulating Bridge, Punta del Este, Uruguay

In March 2010, Luis and I spent a few days in the resort town of Punta del Este, Uruguay. Uruguay is known as the Switzerland of South America and Punta del Este, the St. Tropez. It was a splurge because it is the playground of the rich and famous and enormously expensive, but we had wanted to see what all the excitement was about. We rented a car and set off to explore the area. Although most people stay close to the beaches, restaurants and nightclubs, we decided to venture furthur afield and ended up seeing some amazing sights such as the quirky Casa Pueblo, a bizarrely designed complex/museum dedicated to the artist Carlos Paez-Vilaró, the Museo del Mar (Sea Museum) with its gigantic cement shark in front and this undulating bridge in the Barra de Maldonado.

The bridge was designed in 1965 and slowly gained fame for its unusual form. To drive over the bridge (slowly!) is unsettling because of the limited view of the road ahead of you and the steepness of the inclines. It's a bit like driving on rollercoaster tracks. I'm not sure how many people have toppled off, but it's definitely a good idea to cross it in daylight and fully sober.     

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