Thursday, February 17, 2011

Travel Photo of the Day: Bethesda Fountain Bubble Man, Central Park, New York City, USA

When Luis and I visited the U.S. in October 2009, New York City was our first stop. I lived in Manhattan for many years and it has always seemed like my true home, so I wanted to show Luis not just the tourist sites, but the real life and soul of the city, its people. Nowhere in the city is more alive than Central Park, especially on a Sunday when the park is filled with visitors and performers. At Bethesda Fountain, near the Boathouse, we came upon dancers, musicians, jugglers, acrobats and one man creating gigantic soap bubbles to the unbridled delight of the children (and the adults!) I was trying to capture the huge size of the bubbles, but the best part of the photo turned out to be the expressions of pure joy on the children's faces.

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